“Move the body and the mind will follow.”



ANDREW KRICHELS has developed Experiential Movement Therapy through a lifetime of experience, training and passion for his core belief : move the body and the mind will follow.


His early training at The Boston Conservatory of Music And SUNY Purchase produced a joint degree in Dance and Psychology. Andrew went on to a successful 25 year career with a dozen dance companies, and also taught on the faculties of Lincoln Center, Leonard Bernstein Center, The Grammy Foundations and many universities. He has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, Bravo and PBS.


Andrew has always had a fascination with human behavior and what motivates us to navigate life’s challenges in a healing effective way. Seeking relief from extreme dance injuries led him to advanced certifications in Pilates, Bowen Therapy, and Medical Qi Gong. Andrew has also completed a 7 year training at the Estuary School of Healing Arts earning degrees in Auric Healing, Kabalistic Studies and Pastoral Counseling.


Andrew is an alumni of Naropa University’s prestigious Authentic Leadership Program. For his thesis he developed a series of workshops, these became the foundation of Experiential Movement Therapy. Building on his experience developing Experiential Movement Therapy workshops at The Estuary, Onsite, The Recovery Ranch and YANA, Andrew and his partners launched Creative Action, a new workshop company based in Nashville TN.


The goal is to joyfully lead participants to finding and maintaing their center, collaborating with others through the creative process and honing techniques to live a grounded, centered life in a continuously healing body.

"The goal is to joyfully lead participants to finding and maintaining their center"

KATE WEBSTER CDCII/CIP is the co-founder and Operations Director of Creative Action.


Kate is a certified Addictions Counselor, with a focus on Family Systems, Intervention and trauma. Kate’s counseling experience and expertise in a broad range of therapeutic healing modalities has contributed to the development of the Creative Action Experiential Movement Therapy Workshop.


Kate’s also the Founder of Kate Webster and Associates, a thriving Coaching and Executive Search company.


“Andrew originally developed Experiential Movement therapy workshops as a therapeutic tool for clients in Trauma treatment settings, such as Onsite Workshops and The Ranch, where they’ve become a core element of the programs.


As the workshops have developed more people have wanted to participate and experience the process for themselves.


My business coaching clients have flourished after participating in Creative Action workshops. One of them recently described it this way:


“It’s been a game changer. I listen differently, I'm braver and more willing to take what I would have previously considered risks. I’m a more thoughtful and effective leader at work, and participate with my family in a more joyful centered way.”


For many years Andrew’s colleagues and former clients have been encouraging him to develop Creative Action workshops and bring them to a wider audience. I’m excited to come on board as Co-founder and Operations Director as we develop the Creative Action workshop experience in the U.S. and Internationally"




“Neuroscience research shows that the only way we can change the way we feel is by becoming aware of our inner experience and learning to befriend what is going inside ourselves.”


Bessel A. van der Kolk