“Move the body and the mind will follow.”



The CreativeAction Experiential Movement Therapy Workshops Program


The essentials of Experiential Movement Therapy are covered in every workshop. Each workshop is tailored to specific needs and can be modified in length.


Finding and maintaining a true Center.


Chinese Medical Qi Gong, visualization and breathing techniques are used to purge anxiety and trauma blocks. Each participant then selects several specific exercises to create a bespoke daily practice.


Locating Personal Triggers


Our bodies remember everything and give us warning signs like lights on the dashboard. Participants will experience and learn many techniques including body correctives and core work, to find trigger points before they cause injury. Locating one’s own triggers and developing simple release mechanisms promotes a life of action rather than reaction.


Authentic Collaboration


After establishing one’s own center, we can relate to another person in an authentic way. Breaking out into small groups a variety of activities such as writing, body movement and drawing we map our experiences to discover the next right step. The small groups create intertwined walking maps of their experiences, being centered and grounded on their own path, and sharing it through the creative process with in a trusted community.


Have fun!


While dealing with serious personal, even spiritual issues one can have fun, laugh and embrace their inner child. The workshop culminates in a Festival of jointly created artistic composition, with each participant only contributing within their own comfort zone.

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“All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.”


Martha Graham